Autumn Woodland 4 oz Spray
Autumn Woodland 4 oz Spray

Aromatherapeutic Air Enhancing Aromarizer Spray ~ Autumn Woodland {120 mL/4 fl oz}

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The Autumn Woodland Air Enhancing Aromarizer Spray is a seasonal favorite blend of essential oils with woody notes accompanied by spices and herbs. An extremely comforting and grounding aromarizer spray. Overall, the spray is grounding, calming, comforting, and warming. It can be used to clear negative energies, as well. Like all of Dr O's Air Aramarizers, the ingredients used are ALL NATURAL and CONTAIN NO: phthalates, petroleum byproducts, or artificial fragrances.

Virginia Cedar  is thought to have grounding, calming, balancing, and soothing properties.

Atlas Cedar  has been used to encourage focus, insight, mental clarity, and concentration. It is thought to have grounding, calming, anti anxiety, and harmonizing properties. Often used during meditation.

Coriander is used to enhance creativity, enthusiasm, imagination, optimism, and sincerity.

Clove is believed to have stimulating, encouraging, and comforting properties. It has been used to promote feelings of strength, vitality, and courage.

Cinnamon is thought to promote love of self and others.

Cardamom is most known for its grounding abilities. It is also used to encourage openness and a thirst for new ideas, promote enthusiasm and emotional equilibrium, and help calm anxiety.

Rosemary is thought to be stimulating, warming, uplifting, and refreshing. It is often used to help boost memory retention and staying alert, encourage focus and concentration.

Sage is thought to have encouraging, purifying, grounding, and calming properties. It has been used to clear negative energy and to relieve stagnate or repressed emotion from the energy field.

Suggested Use:  Spray liberally in any room or space full of autumn aromas of spices and herbs. Use to clear negative energies and stabilize emotions.


Distilled Water; Grain Alcohol*; Turkey Red Oil (Ricinus communis); Essential Oil Blend: Cedar, Atlas* (Cedrus atlantica); Cedar, Virginian (Juniperus virginiana); Sage* (Salvia officinalis); Rosemary* (Rosmarinus officinalis); Clove, Bud* (Eugenia caryophyllata); Cinnamon, Bark & Leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum); Marjoram, Sweet (Origanum majorana); Cardamom* (Elettaria cardamomum); Coriander* (Coriandrum sativum); Tangerine* (Citrus reticulata); Himalayan Sea Salt; Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate

* = Organic

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