Blemish & Breakout Beater Roll-On Treatment {10 mL/0.33 fl oz}

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A potent botanical formulation of 100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, many of which are also ORGANIC.

The combination of essential oils are antimicrobial, astringent, antiseptic, (to kill and prevent the spread of acne causing bacteria) and anti inflammatory (to reduce the redness, pain, & swelling). In addition, some ingredients also regualte sebum and oil production, to help treat and prevent acne breakouts. Featuring a premium steel ball roll-on applicator for easy and direct application.

Tea Tree essential oil has a reputation for being one of the most powerful broad spectrum antimicrobial ingredients that nature has to offer. The essential oil has also been shown effective against acne causing bacteria.[1] Additionally, the anti inflammatory properties successfully reduce inflammation associated with acne.[2]

Frankincense essential oil exhibits antibacterial activities and can help to soothe skin inflammation.[3]

Rosemary is useful for reducing oil production and inflammation, swelling and redness. It also has antibacterial properties, and has been shown to effectively counteract the inflammatory response induced by  P. acnes. [4,5]

Eucalyptus helps control the spread of acne through its antimicrobial properties coupled with its ability to reduce the amount of oil that sebaceous glands produce.[6]

Sweet Basil has been shown to kill P. acnes bacteria, thus being a suitable topical acne treatment.[7]

Lavender is well known for its anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Wintergreen is a natural source of methyl salicylate, an analgesic compound. The body further breaks it down into salicylic acid which is a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug (NSAID).

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Suggested Use: Use at the first sign of a breakout for best results. Wash affected area with cleanser and pat dry. Shake well, then apply Blemish & Breakout Beater directly to the problematic area(s) 3-5 times daily. If additional irritation or redness or excessive dryness occurs at sight of application, reduce or discontinue use.


Grain Alcohol*; Witch Hazel* (Hamamelis virginiana) Extract; Vegetable Glycerin*; Essential Oil Blend:  Eucalyptus, Blue Gum* (Eucalyptus globulus); Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia); Rosemary* (Rosmarinus officinalis); Ravintsara* (Cinnamomum camphora); Lavender* (Lavandula angustifolia); Basil, Sweet (Ocimum basilicum ct linalool); Peppermint* (Mentha piperita); Frankincense** (Boswellia carterii); Wintergreen* (Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall)

* = Organic     ** = CO2 Extract

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After using the blemish & breakout roll on the minor blemishes i had have become almost nonexistent. My skin tone is balanced and the acne is gone.
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